Marcia Amsterdam Agency

41 West 82nd Street
New York, NY 10024

Agents: Marcia Amsterdam
Webpage: n/a
Accepts: Medical and legal thrillers, character-driven science fiction, mysteries, horror, historical romance, contemporary women's fiction, and quality young adult fiction.
Send: Query letter, synopsis, and first three chapters.
Speculative fiction clients: n/a
Comments: Most of her clients seem to be mainstream/contemporary writers. Recommended by Preditors and Editors.

BookEnds, LLC

136 Long Hill Road
Gillette, NJ 07933

Agents: Jessica Faust (also Jacky Sach and Kim Lionetti, neither of which are interested in speculative fiction)
Webpage:BookEnds, LLC - A Literary Agency
Accepts: Historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and erotic romance, erotica, women's fiction, mysteries, suspense, and thrillers.
Send: Query, via snail or email.
Speculative fiction clients: Lorraine Bartlett, Steve Climer, Christie Craig, Angie Fox, others
Notes: A good market for those writing speculative romance, not so good for the rest of the specfic crowd. They specifically do not accept science fiction. Recommended by Preditors and Editors.

Barbara Bova Literary Agency

P.O. Box 770365
Naples, FL 34107

Agents: Barbara Bova, Marlene Stringer, Michael Burke
Webpage: Barbara Bova Literary Agency
Accepts: science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, women's fiction, mystery, thrillers, as well as "popular science and fact".
Send: Query, synopsis, and first five pages, or the same via email. Emails are rejected via non-response.
Speculative fiction clients: Orson Scott Card, Ben Bova (husband), Virginia Baker, Alex Bledsoe.

Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency

2370 S. 107th Street, Apt. 4
Milwaukee, WI 53219-4433

Agents: Jack Byrne.
Webpage: Sternig
Accepts: Science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.
Send: Query letter; prefers e-queries for intial contact.
Speculative fiction clients: Alison Baird, Andre Norton, Jo Walton, Sarah Monette, and many others (list on the website).
Comments: This agency's client list is very full.

Curtis Brown Ltd.

Ten Astor Place, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10003

Agents: Ginger Clark, Nathan Bransford
Webpage: (A splash page that used to claim they would be launching on X date. Now it does not. Reality intrudes, one supposes.)
Accepts: (Clark) Science Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Children's; (Bransford) literary fiction, mysteries and suspense, historical fiction, narrative nonfiction, history, sports, politics, current events, young adult fiction and science fiction.
Send: (Clark) Query letter. No email queries. (Bransford) E-queries only; send to the address in his marketplace profile.
Speculative fiction clients: Tim Pratt, Elizabeth Wein, John Dickinson, Jeri Smith-Ready, Patricia C. Wrede
Comments: Clark has moved from Writer's House; thanks to Jackie Kessler for the tip. Ms. Clark says she has a special interest in science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance. Note that Mr. Bransford works at the San Francisco offices of Curtis Brown, making the New York address above quite useless for querying him.

The Jane Chelius Literary Agency

548 Second Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Agents: Jane Chelius, Mark Chelius
Webpage: Jane Chelius Literary Agency
Accepts: Popular and literary fiction, mystery, women's literature, science fiction and fantasy, and men's adventure.
Send: Query, ten sample pages, and one-page synopsis via email. They do not reply unless they are interested in the work.
Speculative fiction clients: n/a
Comments: Has a strong background in mystery. Recommended by Preditors and Editors.

Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation

240 West 35th Street, Suite 500
New York, NY 10001

Agents: Nancy Coffey
Webpage: n/a
Accepts: Science Fiction, True Crime, Mystery, Commercial Fiction, Fantasy, Women's Fiction, Romance, Family Saga, Thrillers/Suspense, Gay & Lesbian, Military/Espionage
Send: Query.
Speculative fiction clients: n/a
Comments: Note that she was previously listed under Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Associates; thanks to Martin Owton for the update.

Liza Dawson Associates

350 Seventh Avenue
Suite 2003
New York, NY 10001
Agents: Caitlin Blasdell, Havis Dawson (also Liza Dawson and Anna Olswange, neither of whom accept speculative fiction)
Webpage: Liza Dawson Associates
Accepts: Dawson: military memoirs, southern fiction, fantasy, thrillers. Blasdell: Science fiction, fantasy, women's fiction, thrillers.
Send: Query or equery.
Speculative fiction clients: Charlie Stross, Sarah Prineas, Lyn Benedict, Janine Cross, R
Comments: The above information applies to Caitlin Blasdell only, as she's the only one I could find reliable info on. As always, email me if you have anything better.

The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency

548 Broadway, #5E
New York, NY 10012

Agents: Ethan Ellenberg
Webpage:The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Accepts: Commercial fiction: thrillers, mysteries, children's, romance, women's fiction, ethnic, science fiction, fantasy, and general fiction
Send: Synopsis and first three chapters, or the same via email. Emails are rejected via non-response.
Speculative fiction clients: Sharon Shinn, John Scalzi, Ian Douglas, Mel Odom, Karen Miller
Comments: Extremely large, extremely commercial agency. Recommended by Preditors and Editors.

FinePrint Literary Management

240 West 35th Street
New York, NY 10001

Agents: Peter Rubie(also Janet Reid, Stephany Evans, June Clark, Diane Freed, Meredith Hays, Gary Heidt, and Amy Tipton, none of whom express an interest in speculative fiction)
Webpage:FinePrint Literary Management
Accepts: Women's fiction (both commercial and literary), literary, thrillers, mysteries and crime, SF and fantasy, multicultural, middle grade and YA.
Send: Query, synopsis, and first two chapters via snail mail, or query via email.
Speculative fiction clients: Patrick Carman, Jeff Somers, Louise Marley, Elizabeth Massie, Stephen Chambers
Comments: This agency is a merger of the Peter Rubie Agency and Imprint Agency. I include Janet Reid as open to speculative fiction because of The Electric Church, but she is probably most interested in crossover works. Highly recommended by Preditors and Editors.

Firebrand Literary Agency

701 President Street, #4
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Agents: Nadia Cornier
Webpage: Firebrand Literary
Accepts: General fiction, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Business/investing/finance, Health, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Children's books
Send: Submit query, bio, and the first two pages through their submission form.
Speculative fiction clients: James Maxey, Mette Ivie Harrison, Dieter Galt, KD McEntire
Comments: This agency seems to have a strong preference for YA, but they do have some adult speculative ficton as well.

Folio Literary Management

505 8th Avenue #603
New York, NY 10018

Agents: Scott Hoffman, Rachel Vater (also Jeff Kleinman, Paige Wheeler, Celeste Fine, Laney Becker, and Erin Niumata, none of whom take speculative fiction submissions)
Webpage: Welcome to Folio Literary Management
Accepts: (Hoffman): Literary fiction, spiritual, dark novels, SF or fantasy. (Vater): mainstream, literary, YA, and fantasy.
Send: For Ms. Vater, email query with synopsis and "a page or two", or postal query with synopsis and first five pages.
Speculative fiction clients: Walter Greatshell, Caitlin Sweet, Elaine Isaak, Marie Brennan, Melissa Marr, Caitlin Kittredge, Jeaniene Frost.
Comments: Note the new address (thanks to Jeff Kleinman of the agency for the update.) Hoffman expresses an interest in "excellent" literary speculative fiction. Kleinman no longer lists sf/f as an interest -- please do not submit to him. Note that Rachel Vater has moved to this agency. Her bio notes that she likes books that "transcend the fantasy genre" (aka paranormal or urban). She does not appear to have an interest in science fiction. Scott Hoffman is not currently accepting queries; try back later.

Irene Goodman Literary Agency

80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101
New York, NY 10011
Agents: Miriam Kriss (also Irene Goodman, who does not accept speculative fiction submissions)
Webpage: Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Accepts: Mysteries, romance, women's fiction, thrillers, suspense, and chick lit. The agency has "a strong background in women's voices" and Ms. Kriss describes herself as "fanatical" about urban fantasy.
Send: Query, synopsis and first ten pages, via email only.
Speculative fiction clients: Jenna Black, Karen Chance, Lilith Saintcrow, Vicki Pettersson, Lori Handeland, Keri Arthur
Comments: A pretty limited slice of specfic is of interest to this agency, but what they want, they really want. Recommended by Preditors and Editors.

Ashley Grayson Literary Agency

1342 18th Street
San Pedro, CA 90732

Agents: Ashley Grayson, Carolyn Grayson, Denise Dumars, Lois Winston
Webpage: Ashley Grayson Literary Agency Blog
Accepts: A. Grayson: Commercial and literary fiction, historical novels, suspense, thrillers, young adult, science fiction. C. Grayson: mainstream commercial fiction, mystery, horror.
Send: Query letter, first three pages.
Speculative fiction clients: John Barnes, Bruce Bethke, Geoffrey Landis, A.E. van Vogt, Christopher Pike, Jill Myles, others
Comments: Dan Hooker, formerly of this agency, has died. Thanks to Martin Owton for the sad but necessary tip on this one. According to their Publishers Weekly entry of April 2006, this agency is no longer accepting unpublished authors, except for those with a recommendation from a published author or a publishing offer on the table. The language suggests this is a temporary measure, so they'll be staying on the list for a while -- but do not submit to them at present.

Jill Grinberg Literary Management

244 Fifth Avenue, Floor 11
New York, NY 10001
Agents: Jill Grinberg, Katherine Cremeans
Webpage: Publisher's Marketplace Profile
Accepts: Fantasy, science fiction, juvenile fiction, nonfiction
Send: A query letter and the first fifty pages by mail.
Speculative fiction clients: Scott Westerfeld, Garth Nix
Comments: Please note that Kirsten Wolf has started her own agency, though the PM page does not reflect this.

John Hawkins & Associates

71 West 23rd Street, Suite 1600
New York, NY 10010

Agents: William Reiss, Moses Cardona (also J. Warren Frazier, Anne Hawkins, and Elly Sidel, none of whom accept speculative fiction submissions)
Webpage: John Hawkins and Associates
Accepts: Biographies, nonfiction historical narratives, archaeology, science fiction and fantasy, mysteries and suspense, true-crime narrative, natural history, children's fiction.
Send: Query letter with a few sample pages of writing.
Speculative fiction clients: Gregory Maguire, Tamara Siler-Jones
Comments: Cardona is probably the one to try at this agency. Reiss apparently accepts some science fiction and fantasy but his list mostly has a more literary bent.

Richard Henshaw Group

22 West 23rd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Agents: Rich Henshaw, Susannah Taylor
Webpage: Home Page
Accepts: Mainstream and genre fiction including mysteries and thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, romance, historical and literary, some horror and young adult.
Send: Query, short synopsis, first fifty pages. Accepts brief (250 words) email queries.
Speculative fiction clients: David Alexander, Wendi Lee (of Elfquest), Poppy Brite, Jay Caselberg
Comments: Henshaw notes that he is particularly interested in "adult sf (hard) and fantasy (urban or dark)" and that he frowns on first novels over 125K. Taylor seems more interested in women's fiction and romance. Recommended by Preditors and Editors.

JABberwocky Literary Agency

P.O. Box 4558
Sunnyside, NY 11104-0558
Agents: Joshua Bilmes, Eddie Schneider
Webpage: JABberwocky
Accepts:Bilmes represents mostly sf/f, but appears to also accept mystery. Schneider wants literary fiction and literary-slanted science fiction and fantasy, with an expressed preference for "things that are dark, that break rules, and that possess wit and humor".
Send: Query letter; you can send a brief synopsis, but it is "in no way required". No email queries.
Speculative fiction clients: Simon Green, Elizabeth Moon, Tanya Huff, Kristine Smith, Charlaine Harris, others
Comments: Recommended by Preditors and Editors. Please note that Steve Mancino is no longer with the agency; he appears to be bowing out of the agenting business for good.

The Virginia Kidd Agency

P.O. Box 278
538 East Hartford Street
Milford, PA 18337

Agents: Christine Cohen, Nanci McClosky, Vaughn Lee Hansen, others?
Accepts: Science fiction, fantasy
Send: Query
Speculative fiction clients: Ursula LeGuin, Ted Chiang, Wen Spencer; (Cohen) Daryl Gregory
Comments: One of the top specfic agencies, but remarkably difficult to get information on; their webpage is nothing but an address. However, Martin Owtin reports that Brian Townsell has left the agency, and Nanci McCloskey may not be there any more either.

Harvey Klinger, Inc.

300 West 55th Street
Suite 11V
New York, NY 10019

Agents: Andrea Somberg (also Sara Crowe, David Dunton, and Harvey Klinger, none of whom accept speculative fiction)
Webpage: Harvey Klinger, Inc.
Accepts: Science fiction/fantasy, horror, romance, and literary fiction.
Send: E-query and the first five pages.
Speculative fiction clients: Justine Musk.
Comments: Formerly an agent with the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency

381 Park Avenue South, Suite 914
New York, NY 10016
Agents: Stuart Krichevsky (does not accept speculative fiction), Shana Cohen, others?
Webpage: n/a
Accepts: (Cohen): Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, young adult; no dark fantasy
Send: Query, synopsis, and first page, in the body of an email (
Speculative fiction clients: David J. Schwartz
Comments: Recommended by Preditors and Editors. On AgentQuery, Ms. Cohen says she is "actively building a list of science fiction and fantasy authors, with particular interest in epic fantasy; I'm always interested in seeing strong character formation and development". Thanks to Frank Baxter for the tip. Thanks also to Ted for pointing me to her entry on the AAR website.

Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency

1029 Jones Street
San Francisco, CA 94109-5023

Agents: Michael Larsen, Elizabeth Pomada, Laurie McLean
Webpage:The Larsen-Pomada Agency
Accepts: (Ms. Pomada): General, women's, commercial, literary, thrillers, suspense, and genre: romance, mystery, fantasy. (Ms. McLean): romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, mysteries, suspense, thrillers, children's.
Send: First ten pages and synopsis. Ms. McLean prefers an e-query with the first ten pages and a two-page synopsis.
Speculative fiction clients: Jo Clayton (now deceased), Katherine Kerr, Douglas Niles, Michael Dobson, Lisa Mason. Ms. McLean: Philippa Ballantine, Jennifer Rardin, Jake Wobbrock.
Comments: Generally the agents seem to dislike anything too violent or depressing, and stress that writers should "sell a solution, not a problem." Laurie McLean says she "specializes in genre fiction".

Donald Maass Literary Agency

Suite 801
121 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

Agents:Donald Maass, Jennifer Jackson, Cameron McClure, Stephen Barbara
Webpage: Donald Maass Literary Agency, Jennifer Jackson - Agent
Accepts: Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, horror, frontier, mainstream, literary, romance, women's fiction.
Send: Query; you may include the first five pages and a short outline. They read e-queries but only respond if they are interested. Ms. Jackson strongly prefers snail-mail queries.
Speculative fiction clients:Anne Bishop, Jim Butcher, Nalo Hopkinson, Jay Lake, Susan Matthews, Syne Mitchell, many others
Comments: Ms. Jackson (who kindly provided me with updated information for this listing) says that "more than half of the writers I currently work with are sf/f." She also has a strong interest in romance and women's fiction.

The McCarthy Agency, LLC

Agents: Shawna McCarthy, Nahvae Frost
Webpage:Publisher's Marketplace entry
Accepts: General fiction, mystery, romance, science fiction/fantasy.
Send: Email query only.
Speculative fiction clients: Wil McCarthy (no relation), Paul T. Riddell, Nicola Griffith, Sarah Zettel, Katya Reimann, Deva Fagan, Jeremy Lewis
Comments: Editor of the magazine "Realms of Fantasy", as well as numerous science fiction and fantasy anthologies. Note that while McCarthy doesn't say so, the word from other writers is that she rejects via non-response, and that was my experience with her also. Also, Bob DePree reports that she says she now accepts only email queries; thanks to him for that tip on this elusive agent.

Nelson Literary Agency

1020 15th Street, Suite 26L
Denver, CO 80202

Agents: Kristen Nelson
Webpage: Nelson Agency
Accepts: Literary, commercial mainstream, science fiction, fantasy, women's fiction, chick lit, historical & contemporary romance, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, paranormal/time travel romance, science fiction/futuristic romance, female-oriented fantasy, young adult.
Send: Email query only; no snail mail accepted.
Speculative fiction clients: Linnea Sinclair, Shanna Swendson, Lisa Shearin
Comments: Very slanted towards romance and chick lit. Recommended by Preditors and Editors.

L. Perkins Agency

15-9 Interlaken Court
Freehold, NJ 07728

Agents: Jenny Rappaport, Lori Perkins
Webpage: n/a
Accepts: Science fiction and fantasy, horror, young adult and romance
Send: Query and synopsis. Submit to the above address. No manuscript pages, no email queries.
Speculative fiction clients: Jordan Summers, Nathalie Mallet
Comments: I am basing all the information here on Jenny Rappaport's blog post on the topic, and so it applies only to her -- more general info on the agency will be posted as I get it.

Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Associates, Ltd.

159 West 53rd Street, Suite 14-E
New York, NY 10019

Agents: Dick Duane, Robert Thixton
Webpage: n/a
Accepts: Commercial and literary fiction, thrillers, technothrillers, adventure, science fiction/fantasy, some young adult.
Send: One-page query. The agency will not reply if they are not interested in the work.
Speculative fiction clients:n/a

Prospect Agency

Attn: Submissions
285 Fifth Avenue, PMB 445
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Agents: Emily Sylvan Kim
Webpage: Prospect Agency - a literary agency
Accepts: Romance, women's fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, young adult literature, and science fiction. No fantasy.
Send: No postal queries -- queries only via their submissions form. The form allows you to upload a single document which should contain your query letter, synopsis, and first three chapters. The form lists acceptable formats for the document.
Speculative fiction clients: n/a
Comments: A relatively new agency. Kim is a six-year veteran of Writer's House.

Susan Ann Protter, Literary Agent

110 West 40th Street, Suite 1408
New York, NY 10018
Agents: Susan Ann Protter
Webpage: n/a
Accepts: Thrillers, mysteries, science fiction. No Star Trek/Wars.
Send: Query letter.
Speculative fiction clients: Rudy Rucker, Terry Bisson, Patrick O'Leary, Ian MacLeod, Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell

Reece Halsey North Literary Agency

98 Main Street, #704
Tiburon, CA 94920

Agents: Kimberly Cameron
Webpage: Reece Halsey North Literary Agency
Accepts: Literary Fiction, science Fiction, mystery, horror, commercial Fiction, romance
Send: Cover letter, synopsis, and first fifty pages. No email queries.
Speculative fiction clients: Marc Giller, Matthew Delaney.
Comments: A somewhat mystery-oriented agency. Note that although Cameron accepts science fiction, she does not accept fantasy.

Sanford J. Greenburger Associates

55 Fifth Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Agents: Matt Bialer (also Heide Lange, Faith Hamlin, Daniel Mandel, Peter McGuigan, Jeremy Katz, and Tricia Davey, none of whom accept speculative fiction submissions.)
Webpage: Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Accepts: General fiction, mystery, science fiction/fantasy, thrillers.
Send: Query, three chapters, synopsis, and brief bio.
Speculative fiction clients: Tad Williams, Robert Newcomb, C.J. Cherryh, Richard Cox, Nina Kiriki Hoffman.
Comments: His agency writup says that he "represents many veteran authors but is also willing to roll up his sleeves and work with a first time author."

Scovil, Chichak, Galen

381 Park Avenue South
Suite 1020
New York, New York 10016

Agents: Russell Galen (also Jack Scovil and Anna Ghosh, who do not take speculative fiction submissions)
Webpage: Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency
Accepts: "Novels which stretch the bounds of reality." Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Adventure
Send: Query.
Speculative fiction clients: Terry Goodkind, Holly Lisle, Diana Gabaldon, Harry Turtledove, J.V. Jones, Katherine Kurtz, Timothy Zahn, others.
Comments: Galen was listed as not taking new submissions for a long time, but says now that he is "taking on a very few new authors".

Scribe Agency

5508 Joylynne Drive
Madison, WI 53716
Agents: Kristopher O'Higgins, Jesse Vogel
Webpage:Scribe Agency
Accepts: Fiction "of all genres". Looks like a strong leaning towards the literary and/or bizarre.
Send: Cover letter, synopsis, and first three chapters, by snail mail or email. Via email they want the chapters and synopsis attached as a Word document.
Speculative fiction clients: Ben Peek, Darin C. Bradley, Forrest Aguirre, Barth Anderson, Timothy S. Miller, others.
Comments: A very... unique agency. Their sales and credentials are legit, but either you're going to like their style, or you aren't. Visiting the website before submitting is highly recommended.

Valerie Smith, Literary Agent

1746 Rte 44-45, Box 160
Modena, NY 12548
Agents: Valerie Smith.
Webpage: n/a
Accepts: The agency has "a special interest in science fiction and fantasy."
Send: Query, outline, and 3 sample chapters.
Speculative fiction clients: Jo Walton, Steven Brust, John Ford, Sherwood Smith.
Comments: Absolute Write reports her as slow but legitimate. Other than that she has left remarkably few tracks either on the 'net or in print. I could really use more info on this agent. Anyone got some?

Spectrum Literary Agency

320 Central Park West, Suite 1-D
New York, NY 10025

Agents:Eleanor Wood, Lucienne Diver
Webpage: Spectrum Literary Agency
Accepts: Fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, romance, suspense.
Send: Query letter.
Speculative fiction clients:Catherine Asaro, Lois McMaster Bujold, Jack Chalker, Larry Niven, too many others to list.
Comments: Expect a long response time; they can take 3-4 months just to read your query.

Wolf Literary Services

244 Fifth Avenue
Suite #K235
New York, NY 10001

Agents: Kirsten Wolf
Webpage: Publisher's Marketplace Listing
Accepts: Commercial women's fiction, particularly romance and erotica, gothic/horror novels (I love a good vampire story), as well as aggressive and provocative speculative/edgy fiction.
Send: Query and first fifty pages.
Speculative Fiction Clients: Scott Westerfeld
Comments: Note that Ms. Wolf has left the Jill Grinberg agency to start her own; thanks to Micheal Planck for the tip.

Writer's House

21 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010

Agents: Merilee Heifetz, Maya Rock, Michele Rubin, Jodi Reamer
Webpage: Writer's House
Accepts: Fiction "with an edge", mysteries, women's fiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult.
Send:Query letter and synopsis.
Speculative fiction clients: Octavia E. Butler, Bruce Sterling, Joan D. Vinge, Robin McKinley, Neil Gaiman, Laurell Hamilton.
Comments: Heifetz is only interested in fantasy. Maya Rock has a good entry on Publisher's Marketplace. Jodi Reamer also has a Publisher' Marketplace entry.

The Zack Company

mailing address withheld

Agents: Andrew Zack
Webpage: The Zack Company, Inc. Home Page
Accepts: See notes
Send: Query letter. No email queries.
Speculative fiction clients: Mike Barr, Sabrina Chase, Judy Clothier, Peter David, Ed Greenwood.
Comments: Zack is very picky about his guidelines and about what he will and won't read - in fact, he asked me to remove his mailing address from this site, preferring that people retrieve it directly from the site and thus read his guidelines. He also mentions specifically that he considers first novels over 120,000 words as a hard sell.

As of September 2007, the agency is re-opening to submissions, with Zack posting which genres he is interested in on his blog. At this time he has not posted any fiction genres. The entry will be updated when he does.