About Me

I am a reader, writer, and fan of science fiction and fantasy. After some time banging around working in North Carolina, New Zealand, Wales, and Ontario, I've settled down to working full-time on my family's farm in southwestern Virginia, where I now live with my husband, terrifyingly precocious daughter, and bloodthirsty parrot.

I have an English degree that is a great deal more useful than it sounds. I have a tendency to greet pets but forget to do the same for their owners. I love to cook but hate to clean. And I tell stories.

The rest, as Anne McCaffery once said, is subject to change without notice.

The Stories

Anagenesis was my first novel, finished in 2002: half cyberpunk, half post-apocalyptic, and entirely bad.

Harmony Station, a science fiction murder mystery, was finished in 2005. It, too, was not very good, but good enough that I still dig it up and gnaw on the idea of rewriting it from time to time.

Journey in Twilight was the young adult novel I started after Harmony. It didn't work out.

Kith and Kin was the science fiction novel I started after Journey fizzled. It didn't work out either.

Sunset Grill is a science fiction webcomic I started in 2008 while nursing the burnout from Kith and Kin, reluctantly and with the idea I would piddle around with it while I got my feet back under me and got another novel started. It's still going. This is proof that the universe thinks I am crunchy and good with ketchup.